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craft store retail display

Background: Avatrex was looking for a display that would display a new product line aimed at the home craft market.  Needed a display that would work for all types of retail environments from Micheal's and Joan's to Staples and Mom and Pop craft stores.


Client Direction: Design and manufacture a display that will allow for product to be shipped with display, easy to setup, low cost and introduce this new product to the market.  Maintain a small foot print, and be economical for both shipping and set up time.   Needs to be universal for all 8 different product lines.


Solution: SSD developed a simple  4-sided corrugated display solution that was easy to ship, low impact on floor space roughly 20x20 . Maintained brand identity and protected the product during shipping and on the sales floor. Setup time is roughly 3 min.


Key Attributes:

•Pre assembled so the displays could go directly to the sales floor with little to no assembly required

•Maintained brand identity

•Recyclable when no longer used on sales floor (low impact on environment)

•Low cost allowing the customer to maintain their marketing budget while still presenting the product to the public at retail locations around the country.

•option for a 7" LCD monitor, speaker and motion sensor in header to run on Batteries

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