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Background: Big Heart Pet Brands came to SharkSkin Design looking for a display that they could use to roll out their brands internationally


Client Direction: Design a display that will allow us to display both dog and or cat food on it.  Range in product from large 16lb bags at the bottom, to 5 lb bags on the next two shelves.  And at the top single cans and multi trays of cat food cans.  Be able to pack small for easy international shipping and have a 3d graphics package that is easy to change out for new promotions.


Solution: What we did was develop a 2 sided heavy duty display that was easy to assembly, with 3 adjustable shelves.  the base shelf is sturdy enough to hold 16lb bags of dog or cat food.  the remaining shelves are able to adapt to either bags or all cans based on the needs of the store.  Each shelf adjusts up or down 3".  The graphics package has 3d lug on cat or dog heads to draw attention to the display and the product.  With the display on casters it make the display easy to move around the sales floor as needed.


Key Attributes:

• 3D graphics

• Adjustable shelves

• 250 display roll out internationally

• Heavy duty casters for easy positioning in store

• 2-sided

• Side clip strip options

• Easy assembly for quick installation in store.

Logo for Big Heart Pet Brands on SharkSkin Design's website
Custom free standingd 2-sided display for dog food by SharkSkin Design Inc.
Custom free standingd 2-sided display for cat food by SharkSkin Design Inc.

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