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Rare Earth Natruals logo on sharkskin design website
Custom expandable countertop display by SharkSkin Design Inc.

Background: Rare Earth Naturals was looking for a display that they could use to expand their in-store presence.


Client Direction: Design a display that could expand from a single shelf, to a double shelf to a full 3 shelf presentation.  The display should have an area for brochures as well lots of branding to build brand awareness.


Solution: We developed the following cost effective display that holds 1 displayer and 3 stocked products per essential oil.  underneath each sample there is a magnet with a corresponding metal disc.  This allows the samples to be locking in place but still easy to remove to test.  each shelf has a full 1.25" id channel with removable graphic.  on the back there is a full color graphic for more brand awareness.  On the left there is space for brochure cards.  An expansion kit is provided that attaches to the back that expands the display to a 3 shelf system.  This same extension can be used as a single shelf option with the same fetures as the full 2 shelf display


Key Attributes:

• Magnets in the sample locations for secure positioning of samples.

• Brochure pocket on left side

• Side branded logo

• Wire retaining wire system for product.

• Rubber feet on bottom.

• Adjustable

• Brand recognition

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