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Background: Good Greens (Sundia Corp.) came to SharkSkin Design looking for a display that they could use to roll out their  new brand of Protein bars into Health food and grocery store settings.


Client Direction: Design a display that was on brand(look and feel) display 7 shelves of product to display as many of the different flavors as possible.  Easy to setup, and draw attention to the brand.


Solution: What we did was develop a single sided display with 7 fixed shelves.  Large branding on the top header as well as the two single sided graphics panels.  The round curves further reinforced the brand image and helps draw the customer in.


Key Attributes:

• Round smooth lines

• Fixed shelves for just their product

• 350+ display roll out

• Floor glides for easy positioning on concrete or carpet

• 1-sided

• removable graphics for easy branding changes.

• Easy assembly for quick installation in store.

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Custom free standingd 2-sided display for dog food by SharkSkin Design Inc.

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