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Custom tray design for Derme E by SharkSkin Design Inc.

Background: Derma E came to SharkSkin Design looking for a cost effective solution to raise their product up above all other products competing for space in the ever expanding cosmetics and facial care category within the skin care isles at Walgreen's / Ulta / CVS


Client Direction: Design a tray system that can expand over time,  raise the product up above others to the left and right and draw attention to the product.  At the same time keep the product organized and presented in a manner that attracted attention on the shelf.


Solution: SSD tray with attachments for future growth through channels and mounting holes for graphics. We also added a large 1/4 round graphic area to the front that can be removed for new promotions in the future.


Key Attributes:

• Pre assembled so the displays could go directly to the sales floor with little to no assembly required

• Raised up product to draw attention

• Attention grabbing color

• Metal to hold up to the day to day operation in store(longer lasting than plastic)

• Rubber feet on bottom to help position on the shelf.

• National roll out to Walgreen's and Ulta stores with future plans for CVS

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